Philanthropic Options - UC Philanthropic Bonds - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Philanthropic Options

Donate Principal

The Bondholder may elect to donate principal repayment on any multiple of $1,000 during the term of the bond as a charitable gift to the University of Canterbury Foundation’s Philanthropic Bond Trust.

Despite the donation of principal, the Bondholder will still receive all of their interest on the original face value of their holding.

Subject to their taxable status, the Bondholder may be entitled to a tax credit or deduction for the value of the donation.

This election is irrevocable in relation to the donated principal repayment.

Reduce Interest Received

The Bondholder may elect to adjust interest payment to zero from the Issuer on any multiple of $1,000 on or before each record date of every interest period (See Bonds Calculator).

An election to adjust interest will apply to future interest payments unless the election is revoked.

This election is revocable and does not impact redemption of principal on maturity.

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